I never really thought of myself as a producer because I know so many great ones that I always felt like it was hard to live up to that title. Even though I started learning how to program drums back in the early 90's, It's only been recently that I've actually started being somewhat satisfied with any beats that I make. A lot of it comes from the fact that I really enjoy doing remixes, and since I've mainly kept em for my own sets and for some close DJ homies, I figured I would share em for anyone who's interested to enjoy. 


My family The Flavr Blue dropped a new joint and I got my hands on the acapella so I had to flip a lil remix. Doubled the bpm so it has more of dance feel than the original bounce. Same smoothed out vibe and heavy subs. You can't do summer without this. 

2017-07-27 00.27.54.png

Drake - Legend (Miguel Rockwell Late Night Remix)

I always liked the vibe and the melody on this song but it was so slow that it felt like it was hard to groove to so I doubled the tempo and switched up the vibe so it has that ridin' around in the whip late at night vibe.

2017-07-31 01.51.51.png

The acapella version of Back To Life from the beginning of Belly is easily one of the best uses of a song in a movie ever and I was always disappointed that they never released the full length version of the song with the "Impeach The President" drums sooooo, I decided to make one myself. 

Nasty Boy (Miguel Rockwell Soul Glo Remix).jpg

I did the first verse of this for a mixtape I was working on and it was too fire so I had to go back and do the full track to rock it all the way through. I did a bunch of chopping and editing but it's technically more of an edit than a remix. The beat is by Lovebirds and ironically it's called Juicy. Boogie feels all day. 


As soon as I heard the 2 Chainz line in this song referencing Petey's biggest hit, I knew it was time to resurrect it and flip it somehow so here's my attempt. It's a pretty quick transition but the way it comes in to Raise Up has killed it for me pretty much every time I spin it.


This one was kind of an accident. I did it it live during a gig and it sounded kinda fresh so I went back and laced it up the right way. Turns out I had to pitch the acapella down 1 semitone to get it right on and now it's a summer banger. 


I did this for an all R&B night that I was doing with my guy DJ Topspin called Finesse. Just wanted to add a little newer club flavor to a classic throwback. It's hard to keep the young bucks entertained with just straight R&B these days so this one goes a little harder. 

File Aug 23, 2 44 16 AM.png

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Miguel Rockwell These Are The Breaks Remix)

Had to flip this one cause the guitar riff was so smoooooth. It wasn't really hard enough for the club though, so I decided to go extra Boom Bap on this one with some of the most classic breaks that have ever been sampled. Pretty happy with how it came out. Even added a little Marley Marl style 808 underneath for that extra beeewwmm!